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What is the best way to increase your TikTok followers and likes

increase your TikTok followers and likes

Short music videos are being made on the app TikTok every day by more than 800 million users. To put it simply, TikTok is a social networking platform with unprecedented growth. Here are some of the most effective strategies for gaining popularity on TikTok to attract more fans to your account.

As a TikToker, you’re presumably striving for maximum exposure as fast as possible. Keep in mind that marketing your content on TikTok may not automatically result in greater sales. Let’s talk about the tried-and-true method of gaining TikTok fans.

Real, genuine TikTok likes and followers.

TikTok’s platform isn’t without its problems, but as the global community learns about new trends every day, many popular accounts are finding ways to use it to their advantage. So, posting a video on the current fad is a great way to draw in viewers. Tools like Popsters also provide a free study of any profile and reveal the most popular postings, which might spark fresh ideas for users. If your content goes viral on TikTok, you’ll gain online influence and, with enough followers, the ability to monetize your account and make money. It’s important to keep in mind that, like other social media platforms, TikTok relies on a sophisticated algorithm to find engaging content, which in turn encourages organic user growth. Think about trying these methods out if you’re trying to increase your popularity on TikTok.

Keeping up with the latest trends on #ForYouPage (#fyp) is a certain approach to get a larger following.

The key to success is maintaining a constant vigil over the platform’s new features and immediately putting them to work for you. Be creative, helpful, and fun, and the TikTok algorithm will reward you.

Some immediate steps you may take to increase your TikTok popularity are outlined below.

1. Figure out who you’re trying to reach.

It’s incredible that every time you open the app, hundreds of custom films are waiting for you. As you can’t communicate with all users of the site, narrowing your focus is crucial. See how other TikTokers deliver content that is comparable to your own. See the kinds of videos they upload and how they put them together.

2 Raise the bar for yourself.

Anybody enjoys a challenge will feel right at home on TikTok. If your challenge gets enough participation from your followers to rise to the top of the #ForYouPage, you’ll see a huge spike in your page’s visits. The next step is to begin including material that exemplifies your brand and contributes to expanding its exposure. You only need one viral video to become famous, but maintaining your position as an internet sensation can be challenging at times because of the inevitable drop in viewership.

3. Utilise hashtags

Hashtags are the key to getting your videos seen on TikTok. You’re really losing out if you don’t utilise hashtags! Use hashtags like #cats, #funnycats, and #ForYou or #FYP if you produce a funny video of yourself playing with your cat. For a time, a TikTok video that included all the vegan hashtags and urged its viewers to like it was the platform’s most popular vegan content.

If you’ve been listening closely, you’ll have noticed that TikTok is always finding the newest and most popular music. As TikTok was created as a musical app, a new challenge or song will be featured every other day on the “for you” page, therefore make sure to only use suggested and popular tracks in your videos.

5. Keep to a consistent publishing schedule

Consistency is the key to success when publishing material online. If you’re brand new and don’t have any followers just yet, don’t worry; consistent effort will attract new people over time. Put out just one’s own work, and don’t be shy about letting your imagination run wild. Providing content that has not been seen before is a great strategy to gain more TikTok viewers. TikTokers, for instance, become overnight sensations whenever a new filter is released.

Your TikToks might gain you even more likes and followers if you share them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


You may begin to build a foundation if you have a firm understanding of the principles of increasing your TikTok likes and followers. Provide engaging material that will appeal to your target audience, make use of popular hashtags, collaborate with other users, take part in challenges, and publish frequently. TikTok users who want to increase their channel’s exposure and engagement should put in the time and effort required to determine what strategies would work best for their channel. If you put in the effort, your TikTok page will grow and blossom, attracting more and more fans.

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