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Best Ways To Liven Up Your Instagram Reels More Engaging

Instagram Reels More Engaging


Influencers and companies alike have used Instagram’s new Reels to feature in the almost three years since it debuted. If you utilize Snapchat or TikTok, this post will provide you access to a fantastic tool that can help you kickstart your Reel. Whether you’re browsing the feed or checking out someone’s highlight reel, you’ll be able to use the information in my Instagram reels instruction on how-to’s. Instagram highlight reels are frequently posted in very visible locations. Here, you may find some fantastic suggestions for your Instagram highlight reel.

How to Get More Engagement on Instagram and Get Your Reels Going?

Don’t be timid about trying out the brand-new Reel function. If you are, you’ll be playing catch-up in the digital marketing world of social media. If you need to familiarize yourself with Instagram’s Reels feature, allow me to help you get started.

The Scale Of Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels have the same 9:16 (1080 x 1920) aspect ratio and dimensions as Instagram Stories, making them ideal for vertical full-screen viewing. It works great for a video presentation of a whole visual piece of material. If you want your great videos to appear in Instagram reels, ensure the greatest part is in the middle.

Video Tape Running Time

Over a minute has been added to your time limit for making a reel video. When reels were introduced on Instagram more than 2 years ago, they only lasted for 15 seconds. Just last month, the limit was increased to 60 seconds. (The Instagram video format is 9:16 in portrait orientation).

To put it simply, reels are clips. You may use Canva to make a video if you want to avoid appearing in it yourself. User-generated content, however, is the gold standard for successful social media marketing.

How Can I Get My Instagram Account Rolling?

Choose the “Story” tab on your Instagram profile and give it a tap. It’s in Instagram’s top left corner on Android. Click the drop-down menu next to your screen and select reels over life or tale. Afterwards, a video-like icon will appear on the screen. Go there, and you can start filming for your Reel or upload the one you’ve already made.

You’ll see four options down one side:

  • Timer – To create chapters in your video, use this button.
  • Effects – Here, you can provide text about the effects of your action. You may also dispose of your clippings in this area. The other results resemble those of Snapchat and Facebook’s Messenger. You may experiment with a lot of different ones to see which ones work best with your reels.
  • Stickers – A formerly exclusive element of Instagram Stories is now accessible in reels.
  • Soundtracks – Soundtracks are allowed on Instagram. Moreover, you may import audio from any video at least five seconds long in your camera roll.
  • Timer – To keep track of your progress on the Reel, use the “Set Timer” button.
  • Set the desired position in the reel feed to the side or dead center.
  • Video Templates – Instagram might serve as templates for your own Reels. You may save time using placeholder audio and video from the original videos and then solely editing your own material.
  • Voiceovers – Voice Overs are a modern addition allowing you to record your voice over the footage you’ve already shot.

Now it’s time to show off your Instagram highlights. This will increase the visibility of your Instagram highlight reels in people’s feeds and on your profile.

Where Should You Post Videos to Instagram?

If you want to increase your online visibility, you may submit your reels just about anywhere. Each strategy, for instance, has the following applications:

  1. Share with your pals via private messaging,
  2. Your tale and the reels themselves may be broadcast on your Instagram and Facebook feeds.
  3. You should hashtag your Instagram feed and other places where you share these videos.

Concepts for Instagram Videos

If you’re stuck for ideas for your Reel, try considering some fictional scenarios. So, tell me, what do you do when you need a good story? The reels can benefit from the same high-quality content. Reels are like tales, and they only last 60 seconds. (If you’d like, you can select only one picture while using a story.

Keep in mind that Instagram’s demographic skews young (between 18 and 38) and females. Hence, consider what others on this platform could find interesting.

Provide Useful Information For Creating Instagram Videos

  • Make sure your reels are simple.
  • Provide lighthearted content to foster relationships with peers in your field.
  • Present yourself in no more than a minute and a half.
  • Exhibit your product’s brand image.
  • Refrain from constantly trying to sell anything.
  • Having a good time with other people.
  • Think about the target audience for your brand.
  • You can see what your rivals are up to and what is inspiring them on Instagram by following them.

Responses To Reels

The introduction of the Instagram reels comments function has brought a new level of engagement to the platform. Now, users can leave comments on reels, allowing for more interaction and conversation. This not only builds momentum but also helps people discover your blog or website. To further connect with your audience, consider recording a video response to their questions. By utilizing Instagram reels comments feature, you can create a more dynamic and engaging experience with your Instagram followers.

Do Instagram Reels Allow For Comment Disabling?

Yes! The Reel’s customization menu may be accessed by tapping on the three vertical dots in its lower right corner. The third step to disable comments on the Instagram reel is to select the option to do so. The comment icons previously displayed in your Reel’s lower right corner have vanished.

Scratching The Record

Instagram today unveiled a new Remix feature that lets users remix posts posted by others Reels and use them in their own posts. (Similar to a TikTok team up) Check your privacy settings. Ensure that the Remix is on for your reels to be remixable by other users.

When users produce a Remix, the user’s personal recording will display on the right side of the screen, while the original Instagram Reel will appear on the left. As a result, more people will interact with you on social networking sites. A snapshot of this creator’s other Instagram reel ideas is shown below. She made a video with 16 photos set to a playlist of radio hits.

Product Labeling Options

Product tags can also be included in showcase videos. If you believe Instagram: 

At the beginning:

  • Instagram Shopping approval and full setup are prerequisites for tagging goods in Reels.
  • You may add up to 30 goods or collections to your Reel during the design process.
  • Instagram Reels, Live, Stories, pictures, and videos may all have shopping tags added by companies, shopping partners, and approved public accounts. Create an affiliate program where Instagram content producers may promote your items in exchange for a commission.

Free Instagram Video Clips

You may preserve your reels by downloading them.

Choose the video you wish to download from Reels by tapping the new Reels option that appears underneath IGTV.

To save your work, open the Reel, press the three dots in the bottom right, and then hit Save.

Save your Instagram highlights offline. So that you may use the same content on many major social networking platforms, after all your hard work, you could use the videos for anything else.

Increasing the Impact of Your Business’s Promotional Videos

If you’re looking to make your brand stand out on social media, purchasing Instagram reels comments can be a game-changer. As mentioned, you can purchase more spins via the Meta Business control panel, which is an effective strategy for boosting brand awareness. However, to get the most out of your investment, it’s recommended to connect your Instagram and Facebook pages before using the Meta dashboard. By doing so, you can maximize your reach and engagement on both platforms. So, invest wisely and watch your brand’s social media presence soar!


Are you ready to start rolling the camera now? Did you pick up any new tricks for creating 

Instagram reels? Have any suggestions you’d like to make? If you have experience with this type of material, please share your thoughts with me. More than a year after their introduction, Instagram’s new features continue to outperform the platform’s standard posts in terms of interaction and exposure. Last but not least, remember to use reels in your social media advertising. 

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