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8 Key Metrics To Track The Performance Of Your Video Marketing Efforts

Video marketing is unquestionably popular right now. Use it to get the word out about your company’s goods or services. Using video marketing, you may share instructions, showcase customer success stories, and spread viral content. Video marketing, on the surface, appears to be straightforward. Your company may provide video content to keep current and potential consumers interested. Many firms outsource video creation to digital marketing organizations that offer video production services since it is more difficult in practice. You need to know several variables to successfully assess your video marketing efforts. We’ll walk you through the most critical video marketing KPIs you need to know.

Number of Views On Video Marketing

This is one of the most straightforward metrics to track. However, it is vital to remember that a large number of views does not equate to success. Your video’s view count will give you an idea of how popular it is, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your target audience is watching it.

Watch Time On Video Marketing

The total amount of time spent watching a video by all of its viewers is known as “watch time.” It tells you a lot about what kind of video material your viewers are interested in by showing you when they stopped watching. This statistic may also be used to help you plan the length of future video material, which can be very helpful. If the average time spent watching your video is one minute, but your videos are five minutes long, you need to make them shorter.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

The click-through rate is determined by dividing the total number of views by the total number of clicks. Regardless of its length, every video should have an end-of-video call-to-action that encourages viewers to take action. If the call-to-action is placed at the incorrect time, it may not be effective. The greatest method to convince viewers to respond to a call-to-action is to keep your video brief and to the point.

Likes, Shares & Comments 

These three video metrics are related because they show how well your video material is received and how much interest it generates. Likes and comments, for example, might provide insight into the impact your video has had on viewers’ emotions. Shares are also a form of digital word-of-mouth marketing. A video’s credibility (and that of your company) rises directly to the number of times it is shared.

Impressions On Video Marketing

Impressions are a great method to figure out how many people have viewed your video material in its entirety. The number of times your video material is shown, regardless of whether it is clicked on. There may be a problem with how you are trying to reach your intended audience if you are getting low impressions.

Play Rate

To calculate a video’s play rate, divide the number of times it has been seen by the number of times played. A low play rate might imply that your video is unrelated to the interests of your target market or followers. Your video’s text, its aesthetic appeal, or even the channel it was put on can also be identified using this tool.

Since videos are so often shared, they’re also more likely to be linked. The ideal approach to creating backlinks isn’t always through video, but keeping an eye on it can help you understand how video content enhances your SEO strategy.

Conversion Rate

Your video content’s conversion rate is the number of leads or customers you generate. This metric is a little more difficult to track in terms of tracking and analysis. An analytics tool such as Google Analytics is highly recommended to keep track of this indicator. Your attribution model will also be necessary for you to analyze your conversion rate.

Last words

In the foreseeable future, video marketing will continue to be one of the most popular digital content. If you follow the steps outlined in this article, you will be well on your way to creating a prosperous video marketing campaign for your company. It’s not about being the next YouTube sensation when creating amazing video content. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to see to it that your marketing goals are met.

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