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11 Workplace Safety Apps Available For Apple & Android Operating Systems

Workplace Safety Apps

When a worker falls or comes into touch with dangerous materials, how can you help them? Is there a simple program that might prevent the next employee from falling? When it comes to Workplace Safety Apps, these applications are a godsend. We’ve compiled a list of the finest workplace safety applications for iOS and Android that we think are worth your time. Many of them are free or cost less than a buck. In no particular sequence, here they are.

Workplace Safety Apps : First Aid App

The official First Aid App from the American Red Cross provides access to the most up-to-date medical information at your fingertips. Thanks to step-by-step instructions, workers and supervisors can swiftly and effectively deal with many mishaps, accidents, and significant injuries.


Workplace Safety Apps : Fire Extinguisher

Employees and managers may assess current weather conditions using OSHA’s Heat Safety Tool and make well-informed decisions. In addition to calculating health risk levels, the app will remind workers to take breaks, drink water, etc. Everything you need to know in one place is included in this one-stop-shop guide.


Ladder Protection App

A large number of ladder-related incidents can be avoided. It’s not only taking risks and not having a spotter that might lead to ladder misalignment. Using visual and audible cues, the Ladder Safety app ensures the ladder is in the most secure position.


Workplace Safety Apps : Ergonomic App

Even if many workers get a few minutes of outside work during the day, sitting for lengthy durations might harm their health. Workplace-specific stretching exercises and suggestions to take breaks are part of the Ergonomics app. Stretches include clear instructions and colorful, creative graphics.



iAuditor is used by thousands of inspection employees throughout the world every day. Users create forms by the industry. Managers may conduct real-time self-audits of their team’s thanks to the automatic sync function. Managing risk and avoiding costly fines and infractions may both be accomplished through a checklist.


Workplace Safety Apps : Sling Calculator

What can you do to help prevent a disaster? Using a deliberate approach to computation. Using the Sling Calculator, you can pick the proper rigging for the job while keeping the load’s form in mind. Cohorts and supervisors might be notified of the tension measures by sending them a PDF.


Workplace Safety Apps : Noisy Detector

The Noise Sniffer does not have several uses. Said it’s a gear design to protect employees from harmful noise levels. App analyzes nearby noise levels and delivers a decibel reading when the start button is press. Very to extremely loud noises require resolution at levels exceeding 60 decibels (dB).


Workplace Safety Apps : Chemical Hazards Pocket Guide

The Chemical Hazards Pocket App helps first responders spot potential hazards and protect themselves and others when a chemical incident occurs. Each chemical has a name, alias, and commercial name and a description of its properties, such as whether it is explosive or toxic when inhaled.


Fatigue Predictor

To evaluate if a worker is at risk of experiencing mild to severe fatigue, the app uses the Individual Fatigue Likelihood Score (IFLS). Employers may use the calculator to assign individual employees to specified tasks or immediately fire them. With many remote workers, the Fatigue Predictor is an invaluable tool.


Workplace Safety Apps : Master Lock Field ID

Get immediate access to information for safety and inspection compliance. The cloud-based inspection software makes it simple for safety specialists and proactive managers to track safety concerns at each location. Using Master Lock Field ID, it is possible to keep track of various assets such as cranes, ropes, and harnesses.


Safety Compass 

Information concerning dangerous circumstances and items may relayed through augmented reality. Instead of cumbersome and lengthy hardcopy instructions, workers and management may quickly consult the Safety Compass. Customize the safety compass to meet the needs of your business.


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